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Cruithne & Persimmon Coryn

Welcome to Coryn Club,
a fansite of Toram Online!

We store a collection of informations from the world of Toram Online. This includes, but not limited to, searchable item database, monster database, crafting database, and quest database.


Website Update

1 May 2017
Released Coryn Marketplace
This feature lets you list up items for buy/sell. Currently supporting Crysta, Materials, Ore, and Potions. Will gradually adding more items and features for browsing the market. To register an item, first you need to login. Then click on your name, and choose "My Shop" menu.

29 April 2017
Added member login through facebook feature.
Will be adding member related features soon \^^/

25 March 2017
Released Pet Stat Calculator V1.0.

23 March 2017
Updated data from March 23rd's game update.

16 March 2017
- Added link to search the monster's name on Dye Finder.
- Updated item list, so that it is sorted by ATK for weapons and DEF for other equipments.

14 March 2017
Happy White Day!
Released a new tool: Dye Finder
This tool let you search dyes by color similarity ^_^

12 March 2017
Added data from White Day 2017 event.

27 February 2017
Updated Calculator:
- Added new Battle and Guard skills
- Fixed Guard Rate & Guard Power formula

25 February 2017
- Added item & recipes from Valentine Event.
- Added new item & recipes from February 23rd's update.

27 January 2017
- Updated dyes from 5 Million Download Event.
- Added new item & recipes from January 26th's update.

17 December 2016
- Updated Halberd skills on skill simulator.
- Added new item & recipes from December 15th's update.

19 November 2016
Added Crafting Recipe List, see "Craft" menu :).

22 October 2016
Added data from October 20th's update.

18 October 2016
Released Skill Simulator Ver. Beta 0.2
All skill trees are now supported ^_^.

16 October 2016
- Added data from September 20th's update
- Added data from Halloween event

8 October 2016
Released Skill Simulator Ver. Beta 0.1
Currently supports the five weapon skills, will add other skills very soon.

12 September 2016
- Added Persimon Coryn's event items.
- Changed the site's name into "Coryn Club", as well as bought a new domain

27 August 2016
Added map, monster, and items from August 23rd game update.

13 August 2016
Updated Stat Calculator Ver. Beta 0.3.2
- Fixed stability error when equiping additional gear with stability bonus.
- Added stability cap for staff (90%) and magic device (80%).
- Added second crysta slot.
Added new quest and items from August 3rd game update.

7 August 2016
Released Stat Calculator Ver. Beta 0.3. Added Equipments+Crysta support and calculates more hidden statuses.

31 July 2016
Released Stat Calculator Ver. Beta 0.2. Added Pasive Skills support :).

29 July 2016
- Added 1st Anniv Monsters & Items
- Updated data from July 28's game update

25 July 2016
Stat Calculator Ver. Beta 0.1 is here !
First version support calculations on basic stat when equiping various types of weapons and armors. Currently only 3 skills are supported, those are skills which reduces penalties. More skills & item buffs to come!

23 July 2016
Updated a bunch of stuff from:
- 4 Million Download Event
- 30 June's game update
- 1st Anniversary Event, except event boss' drop

17 June 2016
Updated new map, monster, and item from May 26th game update.

29 Apr 2016
Updated Golden Coryn's Drops ^_^.

28 Apr 2016
Updated new map, monster, and item (except Golden Coryn's Drops).

25 Mar 2016
- Added side quest list.
- Added "Used for quest" info for items that are useful for quest.
- Changed site's name into "Potum Club".

24 Mar 2016
- 24 March Update's NEW ITEM HERE !
- Added new items, monsters, recipes, and maps.

22 Mar 2016
- Added crafting & synthesis recipes.
- Added "Used for" tab for items that are part of a recipe.

18 Mar 2016
- Added Item Advanced Search feature.
- Added some data to database.

5 Mar 2016
- Added map page & search bar.
- Added hyperlink to every map names.

4 Mar 2016
- Added usable item's duration.
- Added Player's Smith Skill and Alchemy Skill as items' source.
- Added NPC and Orb Shops as items' source.

1 Mar 2016
Added price, processed material, and material amount for about half of the items.

28 Feb 2016
- Added Item->Dye page.
- Added Item->Crysta page.
- Added equipment filtering.
- Added monster type filtering.
- Completed data up to Feb 25th update.

27 Feb 2016
Added monster database up to Feb 18th game update and half of Feb 25th update. Also improved item's page with additional link on each monster's name.

26 Feb 2016
Added item database up to Feb 18th game update. Please use search bar for quick item search.