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Hall of Construction Gods

[Mini Boss] Carbuncle(Lv 183)
[Normal Monster] Bubble Angel (Yellow)(Lv 146)
[Normal Monster] Destiny Cube(Lv 147)
[Normal Monster] Oddy(Lv 145)
[Mini Boss] Carbuncle[2 Handed Sword] Carbuncle Edge
[Material] Carbuncle Fur
[Material] Shining Mirror
[Material] Carbuncle Claw
[Normal Crysta] Carbuncle
[Normal Monster] Bubble Angel (Yellow)[Material] God Stone
[Material] Knit Fabric
[Material] Elemental Stone
[Magic Device] Prism Ring (Earth)
[Normal Monster] Destiny Cube[Dagger] Holy Knife
[Material] Mystic Gemstone
[Material] Lithograph of Age of Gods
[Material] Cracked Cube Stone
[Normal Monster] Oddy[Usable] Forbidden Nut
[Additional] Skirt Belt
[Material] Bag Bear Fur
[Material] Bag Bear Tail