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Garden of Ice & Snow

[Normal Monster] Acernix(Lv 135)
[Normal Monster] Acernix(Lv 138)
[Normal Monster] Billy(Lv 136)
[Normal Monster] Billy(Lv 139)
[Normal Monster] Snowman(Lv 137)
[Normal Monster] Acernix[Usable] Garden of Ice & Snow
[Material] Broken Ice Pillar
[Material] Crushed Ice
[Special] Snowland Talisman
[Normal Monster] Billy[Material] Black Deer Antlers
[Material] Frozen Fir Tree
[Material] Thick White Fur
[Normal Crysta] STR+5
[Normal Monster] Snowman[Additional] Lop Eared Hat
[Material] Frozen Wood
[Material] Chipped Scoop
[Material] Torn Scarf