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Mardula (Lv 177) (Nightmare)    [Boss]

HP 7100000Element Light
Exp 40500Tamable No
Spawn at Hall of Blessings Gods
Item Drops:
[Material] Mardula Spiritual Cloth
[Material] Broken Holy Scale
[Material] Mardula Wing
[Material] Sacred Jewel
[Magic Device] Warrior Angel Armor
[Halberd] Warrior Angel Halberd
[Weapon Crysta Enhancer] Mardula

Kuzto (Lv 178) (Normal)    [Boss]

HP 3500000Element Earth
Exp 18200Tamable No
Spawn at Labilans Sector: Square
Item Drops:
[Additional] Kuzto Mask
[Armor] Bark Mail
[Material] Kuzto Splinter
[Material] Broken Kuzto Mask
[Material] Quality Herb
[Material] Mystical Nut
[Weapon Crysta] Kuzto

Ultimate Machina (Lv 179) (Ultimate)    [Boss]

HP 12500000Element Neutral
Exp 105000Tamable No
Spawn at Droma Square
Item Drops:
[Material] Patched Flesh
[Material] Sealed Eyeball
[Material] Ultimate Machina Arm
[Material] Ultimate Machina Claw
[Special] Machina Ring
[Halberd] Amcrie
[Katana] Iradium
[Weapon Crysta Enhancer] Ultimate Machina

Tuscog (Lv 179) (Hard)    [Boss]

HP 3900000Element Earth
Exp 26600Tamable No
Spawn at Eryldan Street: Near the Forest of Ein
Item Drops:
[Bowgun] Porcupine Crossbow
[Material] Tuscog Fang
[Material] Mottled Quill
[Material] Tuscog Claw
[Material] Heinous Gaze
[Shield] Porcupine Quill Shield
[Normal Crysta Enhancer] Tuscog

Ancient Empress Mezzaluna (Hell) (Lv 180) (Normal)    [Boss]

HP 4000000Element Dark
Exp 10Tamable No
Spawn at Event
Item Drops:
[Usable] [Book of Magic Warrior]
[Refining Aid] ป้องกันการเสื่อมอย่างแรง
[Armor] Curious Dress83C
[Ore] แร่โอริคัล
[Armor Crysta] Iron Empress

Megiston (Lv 180) (Nightmare)    [Boss]

HP 50000000Element Fire
Exp 430000Tamable No
Spawn at Anniversary Arena: 3rd Venue
Item Drops:
[Usable] Revita VI
[Usable] 3rd Anniv Champion Holder
[Armor] เกราะกลาดิเอเตอร์
[Ore] แร่โอริคัล
[Weapon Crysta] Megiston The Champion

Narumi Hina (Lv170 Raid) (Lv 180) (Hard)    [Boss]

HP 7000000Element Light
Exp 44000Tamable No
Spawn at Event
Item Drops:
[Usable] Revita VI
[Refining Aid] ป้องกันการเสื่อมขั้นเทพ
[Material] Dark Note Paper
[Material] Kinaco's Photo
[Additional Crysta] Yashiro Azuki's Dad
[Additional Crysta] Narumi Hina

Gerumi (Lv 180) (Normal)    [Boss]

HP 5000000Element Water
Exp 50000Tamable No
Spawn at Event
Item Drops:
[Usable] Zell Wooden Box
[Normal Crysta] Gerumi

Mimesia (Nightmare) (Lv 180) (Nightmare)    [Boss]

HP 495000Element Dark
Exp 26000Tamable No
Spawn at Sakura Castle Donjon: Top
Item Drops:
[1 Handed Sword] ซากุระเซเบอร์2122
[2 Handed Sword] ซากุระเอจAB
[Armor] ชุดนักผจญภัย69
[Armor] ชุดนักผจญภัย6
[Bow] ซากุระชูตเตอร์AB
[Bowgun] ซากุระโบว์กันAB
[Knuckles] ซากุระโกลฟAB
[Material] Dusky Sakura Branch
[Material] Sakura Petal
[Magic Device] ปีกซากุระAB
[Staff] ไม้เท้าซากุระAB
[Halberd] ซากุระนางินาตะAB
[Katana] Sakura KatanaAB
[Armor Crysta Enhancer] Mimesia

Seele Zauga (Lv 180) (Nightmare)    [Boss]

HP 15000000Element Light
Exp 76500Tamable No
Spawn at Shrine of the Goddess of Species
Item Drops:
[Additional] Heaven Feather Headband
[Armor] Heaven Feather Garb
[Material] Messenger Feather
[Material] High Grade Frill Fabric
[Material] Red Satin Fabric
[Ore] แร่โอริคัล
[Special Crysta] Seele Zauga