Credit & About This Website

Coryn Club is founded by Cruithne on February 26th, 2016. It started out with a general name "Toram Database". Later on, it is changed to "Potum Club" on March 25th, 2016. However as the name is often mistakenly as "Potum Guild" in game, it is further changed it into "Coryn Club" on September 12th, 2016, as well as changed the domain name into On January 15th, 2021 Coryn Club ownership was transfered and handled to a Toram player Under the name of Nut2fast.

Information on this website is gathered from various sources and personal experience. This page is dedicated to credit various people who has made the initial list and guides for each game update.

The Team

  • Nut2fast - Owner of Coryn Club
  • Artemis - Coryn Admin
  • Lil Neko - Front End Developer
  • Qidz - Front End Developer
  • NeroX - Front End Developer
  • ElenaLen45 - Front End Developer
  • Feame - Front End Developer
  • Blueys50 - Front End Developer
  • Chryzant - Front End Developer
  • Kleine - Farmer/Front End Developer
  • Captain Morri Dracoro - Front End Developer
  • MAOU - Farmer
  • Need - Farmer/Front End Developer
  • Cotton - Farmer
  • Eriyus - Back End Developer
  • FrostHydra97 - Front End Developer/Data Updater

Special Thanks!